The RevTec Advantage

How We Help You Succeed

RevTec Advantage

Our ability to understand your problem, to listen to what you are saying and to provide you with resolution potentials, is something that separates us from all other consulting companies.  We strive to make the complex, simple.  Additionally, we try to make you and your technology staff work on the items that you truly need to work on.

You have spent a lot of time and money in the applications that you have purchased and implemented.  All we try to do is to improve upon what you have built.  Sometimes that is purchasing new software, other times that is re-evaluating what you have.  This is where being application agnostic can help you choose the best application, not the one that costs the most money.

Mission Statement: Creating and improving processes using all available resources to make your experiences using your applications better. 

Cloud Based Systems

We have extensive experience assisting organizations make the move to the cloud.  Whether you are trying to deploy a new application or migrate an application to the cloud we are your partners to make the transition as smoothly as possible. 

Integration & Support

We specialize in making sure that the data is only entered once and is migrated, transformed, and cross-walked to the other data sources.  Having utilized a variety of tools, we can work with your current infrastructure and support whatever tools that you have in place or we can assist in implementing a new tool.

Low-Tech Development

We can help on your transition to using low-tech development.  Low code allows you to develop quickly and to maintain at a low cost.  Additionally, you can be more agile with your development adding new features and changes quickly.

Process Improvement

We have helped numerous organizations, like yours, to improve the work is done.  We have helped increase the efficiency of organizations by using better use of their application stack and all available resources.  If you are at a point where you are about to throw up your hands or if you think we can do something better, we are the team to help you out.